The Gritty World Of Facial Scrubs For Men: The Why, How & When

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Face Scrub for Men

Whatever project you wish to undertake, it’s important to get the basics right! Skip the fundamentals and even something as simple as a grooming regimen goes awry.  Stocking the bathroom cabinet to the brim with exquisitely packaged products doesn’t give you good skin. Impressive brands and esoteric items won’t necessarily suit your face.

If you want advanced skin care products to show their magic, get the ABCs right. A is cleansing, B, for moisturizing, and C is exfoliation. 

Why Men Should Use A Facial Scrub… 

Using a face scrub or an exfoliator is not being pretentious - it is a necessary step to a man’s grooming. Here’s why:

  • Every two weeks or so, the skin builds new cells. Unlike the rest of the body, the face isn’t too adept at shedding the dead cells. Over time, these dead cells build up, clog pores and make the face look dull. A scrub or any other exfoliating agent sloughs off these useless cells, dirt and grime to give way to a polished and chiseled face.

  • Men have hair growing on their face. If you don’t remove dead cells, you’ll end up with ingrown hair, besides dull-looking skin.  Scrubbing the face, albeit kindly, gets rid of a thin layer of skin. It softens and lifts the hair allowing the razor to cut through it like butter and as close to the root as possible. Even if you don’t keep a full beard, but merely a slight stubble (or an unquestionably clean shave), exfoliating once a while gives a more decent shave.

  • A tie with a dotted pattern looks good but a nose dotted with blackheads doesn’t. Washing is not the trick. Even a superior facewash will have trouble eliminating them because blackheads aren’t just dead cells. They are a mix of bacteria, dirt, and wax. You can diligently wash the face twice a day and still have the bane of men’s grooming sitting squarely on your skin. Scrubs are one of the rare products scientifically engineered to break down blackheads.

In toto, a face scrub purifies the face thoroughly, speeds the natural process of removing dead skin and makes the skin look youthful and fresh. Though, that’s not the end of face scrubs. Remember they are exfoliants. if you scrub too often or too hard, you might end up with rashes and irritated skin.

How To Use A Daily Face Scrub For Men?

If you need to pound something, go to the gym and take the aggression out on a punching bag. The skin, especially facial, is meant for a more refined approach.

  • Begin by rinsing the face with lukewarm water (neither hot nor cold).
  • Then take a small amount of scrub on your fingers (a ten-cent size is enough).
  • Use light pressure to rub the scrub on the skin (work more on the nose and forehead as they have the highest concentration of pores).
  • If it’s a shave day, go gentler because the shave is already going to exfoliate the skin (but don’t forget to concentrate on the beard area).
  • Rinse with water (lukewarm again).
  • Finish with patting dry (do not rub the towel).

When To Use An Exfoliator?

Knowing why to scrub and how to do it correctly is not the whole narrative. Without the right product that suits your skin, your grooming routine remains ineffective. And without knowing when to scrub, even using the right product is in vain. The ‘when’ is dependent on skin type.

1. For the oily face (and normal and combo)

Those who are doomed with oily skin or blessed with normal skin should use a face scrub two to three times a week without the fear of a spotted red look. The same rule applies to men with combination skin. If your skin is particularly oily, don’t increase the frequency of scrubbing, add to your grooming arsenal a scrub that has more firepower.

2. For the dry face (and sensitive and acne-riddled)

Once a week is the limit to scrubbing for the bloke who suffers from sensitive skin or one that’s prone to breakouts. Dry skin is a misery of its own. You don’t want to aggravate it with recurrent exfoliation. 

Also, skip the scrub on shave days and skip the face wash when exfoliating. When it comes to the kind of face scrub to use, gents with dry skin should look for natural and milder ingredients. Most scrubs come with a lot of power that can feel like sandpaper on the dermis. You aren't looking for sanded furniture, but a polished face.

Face Scrub: The Weapon To Clear, Healthy Skin

Hands down, the best skin care product is an exfoliating agent. Once you’ve found a brand that suits your skin, you’ll forget the days when a facewash was sufficient. Yet, gentlemen either don’t utilize it at all or make the egregious mistake of overdoing it. Neither scenario is ideal. Follow the steps and frequency we’ve given, and you’re good to go.

Having said that, never forget that grooming is personal. No two skin types are the same, and no two faces react to the same face scrub equally. You have to find what works for you. If an exfoliator is turning the skin red, switch to a milder one, or cut the regularity.

Lastly, exfoliation can clean the pores to an extent. It can get rid of acne to a degree. It can clear the skin to a point. When you reach that juncture, it doesn’t serve the skin further. So, keep true to the maxim: moderation is key.

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